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What happens if the bees die??

Friday, November 16, 2012, 10:52am

Lost in the noise over labeling is a much deeper concern that is directly related to the chemical companies that produce pesticides, as well as the use of GM crops.  CCD, or colony collapse disorder, is being linked to systemic pesticides called neonicotinoids.  These pesticides disrupt the central nervous system of pollinators.  This is acknowledged by the EPA yet the EPA has taken no action to look at or suspend the use of these chemicals.  Hive colonies have lost 30% of their populations due to die off, yet the EPA says 'bees are fine'.  Since fully a third of ALL POLLINATION is through bees, I would argue that this threatens our food chain and life on this planet.  One of the chemicals, produced by Bayer, is only approved through a loophole and entered service 9 years ago.  The EPA's review may not be complete until 2018 unless expedited due to congressional pressure.  What??  At what point does our responsibility to the planet and the human race get shunted aside for the sake of one company's revenue?  Bayer is yet another of just a few chemical companies that are vying for a significant chunk of the food supply chain.  How ironic if their effort to capture more of the food chain actually helps precipitate an end to the food chain.  Read more here -

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